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Adisa Andwele is from Barbados and is one of the Caribbean’s top
performance poets. He fuses poetry with different Caribbean rhythms
and he has also experimented with R&B, funk and jazz.

Adisa recently brought a new perspective to his work, This perspective is
rooted in the calypso tradition and is called ring-bang. Ring-bang is the
power of rhythm in music and through his most recent releases "Jump In
De Ring-Bang Tide" and "Bring It Up", Adisa has intensified the rhythm of
his music and poetry.

He began writing poetry in 1978, and in 1981 started experimenting with
rhythm poetry. However, it was in 1989 with the publication of a collection
of poems entitled "Rhythm & Roots" that Adisa embarked on a career in
performance poetry.

In 1990 he formed the Re-Emergence Band to accompany his
presentations, and staged the first solo show by a poet in Barbados. This
show led to his LP, "Mike Richards & The Re-Emergence Band Live." In
1992 he changed his name to Adisa Andwele.

Adisa’s poetry is social and cultural commentary and focuses on the plight
of Third World peoples and the downpressed.

He has been Barbados’ Poet of the Year from 1991 and the Author of the
Year in 1992. In 1993 Adisa was also nominated for Barbados Entertainer
of the Year. During that year he produced two records, a cassette 45 in
June, and an LP/cassette in November entitled "Conscious."

Adisa appears on major musical productions in Barbados, transcending
the perimeters of poetry. On June 12th, 1993, he became the first poet in
Barbados and the third in the Caribbean to be featured in a calypso tent.
He has performed throughout the Caribbean, as well as in the USA
and Canada.

Adisa has joined forces with the world-famous musical artist, Eddy Grant,
and his most recent releases appear on Eddy’s label, Ice Records on this
year’s crop-over offering, FIRE IN DE WAVE. The primary objective of
this partnership is to develop and establish Ringbang across the globe.
It is time for the entire world to "jump in de Ringbang tide."