Soca Diva
Soca Carnival 94 - #940802

The legendary heart and soul of the Caribbean.

Having shared her enormous talent with audiences all over the world,
Calypso Rose is the premier ambassador of Caribbean music. Rose
began her illustrious career at the age of 15 in the village of Bethel on
the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago. As a woman in a male arena,
she challenged the world with her music.

In 1966, Rose wrote the immortal Fire In Me Wire, a song which has
become a Calypso anthem. It has been recorded in eight languages and
is still the first Calypso to be sung for two consecutive years at the annual
carnival competition in Trinidad and Tobago.

For five years Rose outclassed the competition to win the national
"Calypso Queen" title in Trinidad and Tobago. During this time she kept
knocking on the doors of the male dominated "Calypso King" competition.
In 1978, those doors finally opened! With the powerful lyrics of I Thank
Thee and Her Majesty, Rose was awarded the newly renamed "Calypso
Monarch" title from a star studded field of the best competitors of the day.
That year she also won the "Road March" title the previous year with
Gimme More Tempo. To date, Calypso Rose still holds the distinction of
being the only woman to win either title, placing her in a class by herself.

Included in her volumes of music are themes varied as the waves she
created. She has composed such political commentaries as The Balance
Wheel and Respect the Balisay; has got us jammin’ to such party songs
and rhythms as Do Dem Back and The Action Is Tight; has raised our
awareness of current conditions in Gun Play On The Parkway and Help;
has taken a stand on women’s rights in No Madam; and has enamored
us with songs such as You Can’t Buy Love.

Calypso Rose is still expanding her horizons, as her 1994 album, Soca
Diva, illustrates, the Mother of Calypso, Rose fuses the rhythms and
melodies of Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean into a sweet
and oh so spicy bouquet. Besides being a vibrant and exciting performer
and composer, Rose’s world-wide recognition has made her one of the
most awarded and honored figures of the Caribbean music scene.

Calypso Rose…honors…awards…recognition

1975: Medal of Merit Class2 from Trinidad and Tobago government by
order of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of England.

Gold record, Do Dem Back

1977: Meritous Achievement Award by the city of Los Angeles,
California, USA Everybody’s Magazine, Woman of the Year Award.

1978: Award for Unprecedented Achievement by a Calypsonian from
the Trinidad and Tobago Alliance of the USA.

Distinguished Achievement Award for the First Triple Crown Calypso
Monarch of the World by The Tobago Benevolent Society.

1979: Award for Magnanimous Contribution to the Culture by the
Caribbean Arts and Culture Council.

1982: Album of the Year Award, Mass In California.

1983: Top Female Calypsonian by the Smithsonian Institute,
Washington D.C.

1984: Queen of Soca and Calypso Award by Super Jocks Records.

1985: Best Female Recording Artist Award by C.E.I

1986: Recognition for Achievement in Human Progress from the
Concerned Citizens of Liberia Organization.

1987: National Belize Music Award 25th Anniversary of Independence
Ward by Stag Beer & Vat 19 Rum.

Recognition of Achievement for 30 years of Music by Rick Records.

1988: Gratitude and Commendation for the Development of Arts and
Culture in Belize by the National Arts Council of Belize.

Appointment as Foremost Ambassador of Culture by the West Indian
Day Association.

1989: Humanitarian Award by Sunshine Music Awards.

Recognition for contribution to the steelpan by the Calypso and
Steelband Music Awards.

Best Party Song by the Sunshine Music Awards

Best Female Vocalist by the Sunshine Music Awards.

1990: Nafeita Lifetime Achievement Awards.

1991: Outstanding Female in the Field of Music Award by the National Woman’s Action Committee.

Recognition as Most Outstanding Woman in Trinidad and Tobago by
the National Women’s Action Committee.

1993: Inducted into the Tobago Walk of Fame as a charter member.

1999: Tobago House of Assembly decrees that the new hospital built
in Tobago shall be named after Calypso Rose (Mc Cartha Lewis
Memorial Hospital.

Honored by the mayor of St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, with the key
to the City.

International Caribbean Music Award’s Lifetime Achievement Award.